Morgan Pendragon
Full Name
Morgan Pendragon
Portrayed by
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Morgan Le Fay
Princess of Britain
Uther - Father
Morgan's Mother - Mother
Igraine - Step-Mother
Arthur - Half-Brother
Unborn Child - Child

Morgan Pendragon is the daughter of Uther Pendragon, half-sister of Arthur Pendragon, and also a very powerful witch. Beautiful, crafty, and ruthlessly ambitious, Morgan is excessively fascinated by the dark forces of her witchcraft.

Early LifeEdit

At some point during her childhood, Morgan's Mother was brutally murdered at the hands of her father, Uther Pendragon. While the details of her mother's death remain a mystery, Morgan believes that Uther killed her mother so that he could marry his mistress, Igraine (Although, Morgan's certainty of this version of events may suggest that she was either a witness to her mother's murder, later witnessed the event through magick or was led to believe this while at the nunnery) . Because of this, Morgan developed a deep hatred toward her father and her step-mother. Unbeknownst to Morgan, Uther had planned to murder her as well, however he was persuaded by Igraine to banish her instead. For the following fifteen years, Morgan was raised in a nunnery across the sea. It was here that Morgan came to meet a nun named Sybil, whom she initially despised. However, at some point in time, Morgan and Sybil became friends, and Sybil began to teach Morgan how to practice magick. According to Sybil, even though she had converted to the Catholic Church, as a means to keep dark forces at bay, she remained a loyal participant in a Pagan ritual that occurred once every ten years. While the details of the ceremony remain unknown, it is said that the ritual revolves around the sacrifice of a Chosen One. Sybil implied that the children in the orphanage where put through a series of tests and whatever child passed would be offered to the Gods as a gift. If appeased, the Gods would bless the community with bountiful crops and prosperity. However, if the ritual failed, the Gods would punish them by allowing dark forces to ravage the land. While it is unknown if the child that was chosen for the ritual was murdered remains unknown. According to Sybil, the Chosen One was "sacrificed" to the Gods, however, according to Merlin, there are many connotations to the term "sacrifice", and does not always mean "death" or "murder". While it was never explicitly stated, many have come to believe that Morgan was the Chosen One during her stay in the nunnery. In which case, the children were not killed, as Morgan was still alive.

Season OneEdit

After the arrival of an unsuspecting visitor, King Uther is surprised to discover the return of his daughter, Morgan, whom had traveled across the seas to offer Uther her forgiveness for banishing her fifteen years before. Disinterested in her forgiveness, Uther violently rejects his daughter and evicts her once again. Later that night, Morgan transfigures herself into the form of her childhood image and successfully poisons Uther. As the only child of Uther, Morgan intended to take the kingdom for herself as she saw it was rightfully hers. However, her plans suffer a setback when she learns that Merlin had secretly hid the existence of her half-brother, Arthur Pendragon. However, after the arrival of her former teacher, Sybil, Morgan reluctantly accepts her help to become queen. After countless failed attempts to undermined Arthur and his champions, Sybil suggests that Morgan take another approach to take the throne: loyalty. Morgan proceeds to earn the trust of the nation by secretly ordering attacks on homes and villages of Britain, in which she would blame Arthur for the attacks and prove herself as the true leader by solving their problems.

After Morgan discovers that she can transform herself into the image of her step-mother, Igraine, Morgan infiltrates Camelot and causes chaos within the castle by revealing everyone’s darkest secrets. When Morgan returns home, she commands an army of soldiers to attack the villagers of Bardon Pass. Knowing that Arthur will be there, she commands her soldiers to kill him and retrieve his sword.

Believing Arthur to be dead, Morgan prepares for her coronation. However, before she is officially crowned as the Queen of Britain, Morgan is alarmed to discover that Arthur is alive and well. She is even more horrified to know that Arthur has discovered her true ambitions as he reveals her secrets to the country of how she cheated, lied and murdered to become Queen. However, just before Arthur can sentence Morgan to death for treason, Sybil intervenes by taking blame. Sybil examples to Arthur that she was the one who initiated the attack on Bardon Pass and that Morgan was innocent. Knowing this to be a lie, Arthur returns from Sybil's execution only to punish Morgan by taking away her surname and validating her as an enemy of Britain. Overwhelmed with animosity and despair, Morgan unavailingly retorts Arthur by reminding him that she will always remain the true heir of of the throne as she is the daughter of Uther Pendragon and that he is merely his unwanted bastard.

Broken and defeated, Morgan visits Sybil's grave only to apologize that she couldn't save her. As she begs for forgiveness, Morgan is able to hear Sybil’s voice in the wind telling her that in order to become Queen, she must give birth to a King (Echoing Igraine's words to Morgan from earlier on in Season 1). Later that night, Morgan tricks Arthur into having her sex with her by transfiguring herself into Guinevere, Arthur's one true love. Shortly after Arthur and Morgan make love, Morgan leaves his chambers hoping to be pregnant.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Morgan Pendragon is well-known for her beautifully long brown hair and ocean-blue eyes that are often outlined by dark mascara. Although she appears innocently kind and loving, creator Chris Chibnall once described Morgan as "poisonous honey"; seemingly sweet, but entirely deadly.

Magic Powers Edit

Morgan Pendragon is one of the darkest and most powerful witches who lived during the Dark Ages of Britain. While the extent of her powers remain unknown, Morgan is believed to have exceeded many of the sorcerers who came before her, although her powers still paled in comparison to those of Merlin.

Among her many achievements, Morgan is notably known for her communion with dark spirits. Morgan has on a number of occasions summoned these spirits as a means to divine information about her path and whether or not there was a better way of doing something. Morgan was also a very talented shape-shifter who was able to take the form of anyone she desired. However these dark powers she possessed took a great toll on Morgan's body, causing her to spew dangerous amounts of blood and suffer great pain after each shape-shifting.

Notes Edit

  • After Arthur Pendragon stripped Morgan of her surname "Pendragon", it can be assumed that she changed her named from Morgan Pendragon to Morgan Le Fay, as she is commonly referred to in Arthurian mythology.
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