Full Name
Portrayed by
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Leodegrance † - father
Leontes † - husband
Bridget - cousin
Arthur Pendragon - Lover

For the episode, see Guinevere (episode).

Guinevere is the wife of the late Leontes and the mistress/lover of Arthur Pendragon.

Season 1Edit

On her wedding day, Arthur sneaks into her room and pledges her to join him at the beach where they first met. She eventually goes and they make love passionately, swearing that this is a one time thing. As they both reluctantly return to Camelot, she gets ready for her wedding and Arthur Pendragon marries them.

Heading Igraine's warning, she did not encourage Arthur's advances. However, she is unable to deny the attraction she feels for him. Eventually, Leontes finds out about it.



Arthur PendragonEdit


She does like Leontes. However, she neglects to have feelings for him as she does for Arthur. Despite this, they get on well.



Guinevere is good at organizing, ensuring that there is more order at Camelot regarding the living quarters of the people there. She is able to prepare medicine and bound wounds with bandages. She can shoot rather well.

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